Spring is SPRINGING! {Treadmill Tuesdays – Week 16}

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Hurrah! Spring has finally arrived and we couldn’t be more delighted. Three bike rides so far, including one, all the way to the park (about a mile) and running around, jumping, playing, laughing. Exercise this week included running (duh!), a killer Spartan circuit with my bro, wallyball, and manual labor at a Habitat for Humanity project. My legs were SO sore, but in a good way! Food was meh this week, so back on that and working on keeping that water intake UP, UP, UP!

Treadmill Tuesdays - Week 16

Turning over new leaves has been amazing – so excited for the NEXT four months!

This picture and caption speaks for itself, but after a bike ride to the park, running after the boys there, and riding home, I wasn’t even out of breath. I didn’t feel different and once again, I felt alive. I’m getting healthy so that I can LIVE life with people – not just watch life happen around me. Cheers to the next big adventure!


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  1. Love your motivation! We went on a hike Saturday and my calves are still sore. It was a pretty steep hill and I had Quinn in a carrier