New Kicks & Renegade Burpees {Treadmill Tuesdays – Week 15}

Week 14 || Week 13

Happy TUESDAY! The picture for this post was actually labeled Week 14 until I realized that we were already FIFTEEN weeks down! Can you believe I’ve been at this for almost four months? So happy to be sticking with it and making progress!

Treadmill Tuesdays - Week 15

This week, I battled some sinus issues and pushed through some fatigue. I fit in every day of my training and even headed back to Sandburg for some cross-training with my brother (Renegade Burpees are THE worst).

Working on always remembering my water and FINALLY went outside this week for some time on my very stylish bicycle. Can’t wait until I can do that more often! Working this week on meeting my exercise goals, continuing to mindfully eat and keeping my plate “clean.”

How are you doing on your goals?

Workout Jam of the Week


  1. Yay you! 15 weeks is amazing! I started today. Helped that I got up at 5 when Quinn got done eating instead of going back to sleep!