Determination {Three Month Update}

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This month has been marked its own share of ups and downs. As the weather {slowly} turns warmer, I’m envisioning more runs outside and getting active at parks and nature centers. It’s hard to believe that when I started this whole thing we were in the thick of winter.

While some areas of this journey have gotten easier, making positive choices can still be difficult some days. But what I’m learning is simply this:

It’s a matter of wills. It’s mind over matter. It’s choosing the really hard choices because I deserve it. And it’s making it a lifestyle. Because it can never be temporary. Once we come to terms that healthy living is not just a “right now” thing, it’s easier and becomes habit. I won’t always make the healthy choice, but I will always try  to make the “right” choice nine times out of ten. It’s a ridiculously hard mental game that requires effort, concentration and determination every step of the way.

But at almost thirteen weeks later, I’m realizing this.


And clinging to that for life. By the time another three months go by, summer will be starting and I don’t want to be left behind. I don’t want to have another year where I feel self-conscious or worry about what other people think or what I’m going to wear that day. I’m determined to make it different. And at this rate, I believe I can do it.

By the Numbers:

The weight loss wasn’t huge this month, but it’s why I opted for the picture I did. I’m focusing on how I feel and how clothes fit.

Since February 9th: 7 lbs

Since December 9th: 26 lbs

Overall: 45 lbs

Lost another pants size

These are the biggest pants I ever wore. I took the picture and then I stored them away, just as a reminder. I cleared my closet of THREE huge bags of clothes this month. NEVER GOING BACK THERE!


Monthly Victories

Ran over 80 miles

Continued to train on the weekends and finished #pushupsforpaczkis and started #burpeesforbrownies

No pop since December 8th

Ran an “official” 5k and finished in a time of 38:34 (12:25 pace) – despite HORRENDOUS weather (hello, snow, sleet, and freezing cold)

This is down over 8 minutes from my time in about 4 years ago!

And my favorite victory? I lost almost an entire Charlie.


I can’t talk enough about how this is radically changing my life. If you’re not dead, it’s not too late.


  1. This is such a wonderful example you are setting for your children and others, to be healthy! And you look Fabulous!

  2. Samantha! Wow! I am so happy and inspired and encouraged and insert-all-other-good-words-here! “If you’re not dead it’s not too late.” I will be thinking about that today, trying to make wise choices for me, too! <3

  3. SHUT UP! You look awesome and I love the pic of you and your little guy!!!


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