40 Days of Water {Save a Drink, Save a Life}

Almost three months ago, I gave up soda/pop/whatever you call it cold turkey. Realizing just how much that substance was affecting my pocketbook and my health was a real wake-up call for me. I also nixed the fancy coffee drinks – you know the ones laden with whip cream, chocolate and deliciousness? And limited them to just once per week.

My life has never been the same.

So when our church started their 40 Days of Water 2014 challenge in observance of Lent, I wondered just how I could participate since I have nixed almost everything in an effort to treat my body better.


After much thought, I decided to make my giving three-fold this time around:

1. Drink 10 of these a day.


(28 oz. x ten – you do the math!) Each time I drink one, I’ll add a dime to the jar. By the end of this time, I’ll have raised 40 years of water just by not taking for granted something that is not so readily available to others in the rest of the world.

2. Face the Facts

I gave up coffee and soda, but the amount of money I lost when I had those habits was ridiculous. I drank a fancy coffee and at least one soda almost every single day and usually more. I’ll add that up and plunk down what I saved just by cutting out those calorie-laden heavy hitters.

3. Your Turn!

Think you want to join me, but not sure you want to take a 40 day challenge? Just give me ONE day! Pick a day, forgo a drink and plunk the money down for the 40 Days Challenge. You can see my progress (and put your “drink”) on my fundraising page.


Will you join me? Even one day of sacrifice could save a life.


  1. Sounds like fun. I’m going to pick a day and see how that goes:)