2012 :: Year in Review

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Another year is coming to a close and as 2013 comes ’round the bend, I’m ready for something fresh and new. This year has had its share of joys and challenges and I’m hoping 2013 is our best year yet! Here’s a quick recap of what we’ve done this year ::


We celebrated on the “beach” for Charlie’s 3rd birthday and with pirates for Captain Jack’s 1st.


This month brought both boys first Leap Year, National Pancake Day and Charlie’s foray into PeeWee Sports. And Jack’s hair grew like crazy.


Jack got really sick (he had strep, we even suspected mono for a time). We made birthday boxes for Royal Family Kids Camp. We had unseasonably warm days so we enjoyed the first ice cream of the year. We also documented a day in the life at Walmart!


Charlie bought his first car. We “went to work with daddy” in the comfort of our own home and we even tried our hand at our own stuffed crust pizza!


We slipped and slid, celebrated Mom’s Day (and surprisingly my hair was reddish brown – I had forgotten!) and we laughed a bit at Charlie’s sayings.


Jack acts a lot like daddy, we celebrate Father’s Day, and head to our local splash pad for the first time. We also threw daddy a huge SURPRISE party as his birthday was not until December. He turned 30 and was VERY surprised!


This was a pretty busy month for us. We celebrated the ordinary (and more sickness), saw Alice in Wonderland with Kaeli, went to Medieval Times with Momma & Poppy, we trained dragons, headed to Brookfield Zoo, celebrated July Fourth and made the plunge to get a Mac. {phew!}


Charlie fell in love, we reviewed the worst box office movie ever, and we likened Motherhood to The Hunger Games. We also celebrated our 8th anniversary with Cirque Shanghai, made a pencil cookie cake for cousins on their first day of school, shopped for Charlie’s first school supplies, enjoyed the Worth Days Parade, and we drew a few things. I also spent some time in NYC away from the boys with some very good friends, Greg & Nick.


Charlie started preschool (sniff, sniff), we tried on hats, we learned All About Charlie, and he had his very first picture day! How could I forget our girls’ getaway with Sarah from Toddling around Chicagoland?! {And she just welcomed baby Campbell last week!}


Aunt Sarah got married, Mommy turned a certain age, we dressed up as the Super Mario crew for Halloween, and mommy went to the Justin Bieber concert with Kaeli & Bethany. Daddy also ran his second Chicago Marathon (best time yet) and we celebrated quite a few birthdays! I also helped out with Charlie’s first school party and we went to the pumpkin patch with Aunt Jessica, Uncle Jason, and Jasie.


 We reviewed Better Life Bags, talked about what we were thankful for, and voted in a president. Jack was injured {again} and Charlie celebrated his first Grandparents’ Day at school. We celebrated Thanksgiving, Rack’d people and even visited Santa for the first time this season.


Charlie speaks, our 10th annual Progressive Dinner, and daddy turned 30. Our country suffered a huge loss and we were all hurting. We even decorated gingerbread and talked about crafts.



  1. Looks like an AMAZING year! (But how could you forget our girls getaway?!)

  2. Love love love. That’s one gorgeous family! :)

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