Pencil Cookie Cake

I’m sure you’ve seen a few different versions of this pencil cake. When a change in plans {and a scary thunderstorm} kept us indoors yesterday, I decided to surprise my niece and nephews with a variation of this same cake based on what I had in my house (to celebrate their first day of school of course!)
Since they all universally agree on cookie dough, I thought I’d make it a cookie cake instead!
Pencil Cookie Cake
 Your favorite cookie dough recipe
1 thin strip of tin foil (for the metal band)
1 jar of white frosting
Food coloring
7 chocolate chips
Mix dough up and spread on a cookie sheet. Bake until cooked through. Cut corners so that you have a “fat” pencil shape. {My boys were thrilled to eat the corners!} Then, frost the eraser {pink}, tip {white} and main body {yellow} last. Place a few chocolate chips for the point and lay tin foil between eraser and main body.
The Recipients {Love you!}


  1. OMG! Love the cake I just can’t believe how big they are 🙂
    What a great aunt!!!

  2. We totally love your cake. Oh how we love your cake :).