Guest Post:: Photo Candle

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, homemade gifts are always a great way to honor moms and grandmas in your life while creating something that is personal to them.

One of my newest blog-world friends, Carri, is a mother, grandmother, crafter and blogger! She’s guest-posting today with an adorable craft that is simple to do and creates a finished product that’s sure to be a hit!  Welcome, Carri!


 Hello everyone!  I’m Carri from Simply Done Wright and  I can’t tell you how thrilled I was when Samantha asked me to Guest Post this month… I am a grandmother of soon to be 8 and mother of 4 and I love to craft, bake, sew, you name it.  Today with Mother’s Day coming so close I have a craft that is fun to do and quick and makes a lovely Mother or Grandmothers gift.  A Photo Candle.You’ll need  1- 3inch candle, white tissue paper, waxed paper, and blow dryer..Let’s get started.

 First and probably the most important part is this step, take a piece of white tissue paper and cut it to match a 8×10 piece of copy paper, I attached mine once cut down with 2 sided tape at the sides and top and bottom of sheet.  (You might had to do this step more than once, and clear out a paper jam or two, but if you are very careful when attaching the tissue paper to the copy paper if should go through okay.) Prayers always help along with fingers crossed.  (smiles)

 Decide what photo you would like on your candle.. and print it onto the tissue paper.

 Once printed carefully cut the tissue paper from the copy paper and let it dry.

 Make sure all plastic is off of the candle and now it’s time to attach the photo to the candle.

 Align photo to candle like so

 Then wrap candle with a piece of waxed paper large enough to go around candle and give you something to hold onto in the back…make sure it’s wrapped tightly around photo and candle.

 With blow dryer or heat gun attach the photo, you will see the wax in the waxed paper melting over the photo and leaving it covered and protected, when you’ve done that to the entire photo, you are done!

 And there you have it.. a personalized Candle for Mom with photo’s of her loved ones…

 How adorable, a candle to show off family photos … Mom will love it… and I hope you do as well. Thanks so much for allowing me to Guest Post today.  I just love it here with the Peanuts Gang.. 

Thanks again so much Samantha. 

XOXO, Carri


Thanks for sharing, Carri! 
What special goodies are you planning for the special women in your life?


  1. I had a great time guest posting… Thanks again,


  2. Great idea, once again, Ms. Carri! paula ♥

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