Music Themed Birthday!

Welcome to Week 5 of Party Planning Showcase! 
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I’m excited this week to feature a dear friend of mine, Christine! Our three-year-olds both have birthdays in January of the same year and we each had another boy in 2011 (about two months apart).  Today, I’m featuring her son, Elijah’s Music Themed Preschool Birthday Party! Enjoy!


Hi my name is Christine and I blog at grateful for a coffee break.  I want to extend a special thanks to Samantha for hosting the fabulous Party Planning Showcase.  I’m so happy to be sharing my Music Themed Preschool Birthday Party with you.
How did you decide on a theme?

My son Elijah was introduced to conductor Gustavo Dudamel when his daddy took an intro to music class.  Gustavo quickly became Elijah’s favorite person to watch on YouTube and has been introduced to a variety of orchestral music as a result.  
When we asked Elijah what he wanted his 3rd birthday to be about, we weren’t shocked when he said “Gustavo Dudamel.”  Elijah also LOVES the drums and a variety of music in general, so I attempted to merge the three concepts into the themed elements of his party.
How far in advance did you begin planning?

Elijah’s birthday falls in the beginning of January so I tried very hard to start working on at everything after Christmas was over.
Where did you get some of your ideas for the decor/food?

I did lots of googling for ideas.  I used my pinterest board to keep ideas I liked organized.  Click HERE to see my inspiration post and HERE to view my meal plan post.
The two main components for my décor were the Birthday Banner  and Goodie Bags which also doubled as the afternoon’s entertainment.

My friend Mindy captured some fabulous photos of the decorations HERE.
What was your favorite part of the party and/or party-planning process?

Once I had a theme nailed down with my three-year-old I had a blast designing the decorations and planning the events of the morning.  I’m a closeted crafter, so when I have an opportunity to work on designing something like I did for Elijah’s birthday I am ALL OVER it!
What was your least favorite part?

My least favorite part of the party planning was probably the time constraints.  With Elijah’s birthday being so close to Christmas, I had to get a lot done in a small amount of time.  Good news: I accomplished everything I set out to do.  Bad News: I was up VERY late the night before to make it all happen J.  Mental note taken for earlier planning next year!
With regards to a budget, did you set one and if so, do you think you stayed within it or went over?

I actually did not set a formal budget – but we did try to keep things really inexpensive.  The banner cost $3.  I believe the goodie bags were $3-$4 a piece, and because I made most of the food myself (what wasn’t homemade, was purchased at Costco) I know we really kept the cost down and felt proud of the finished result.

Christine’s blog is one of my favorite reads from week to week and I’m sure you’d enjoy it! With two boys, I’m happy to know her house is filled with as much…{ahem} sleepless adventures as mine! You can catch her on grateful for a coffee break’s Facebook page as well!

Thanks, friend! xo


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