Homemade Laundry Detergent

In this day and age, we’re all looking to save here and there. One of the easiest ways to save money is on laundry detergent! After perusing Pinterest and asking others, I discovered the basic ingredients needed to make my own at-home detergent. I did not like how the liquid detergent looked and people I spoke to did not think it worked that well. 
The ingredients are simple (AND CHEAP!)
4 lb. box Baking Soda (orange box on the left)
4 lb. box Super Washing Soda (yellow box)
4 lb. box of Borax (white box)
3 bars of Fel Naptha soap (small bars on the right – pink & hunter green)
You will need a large container for mixing and a storage container for general use. I’m lucky enough that my mom had THE perfect container to use!

Step 1: Grate the bars of Fel Naptha soap (I used a regular cheese grater and then washed it very well). 
Step 2: Add the three boxes of other ingredients. Be wary of some of the power flying up and be sure that no children are around in case of excessive powder dust!
Step 3: Store in a container until you are ready to use. For general washing, approximately 2 tablespoons will be perfect!

My soap ingredients cost approximately $12.00 total. The batch should make about 150 regular loads (if you use two tablespoons each time). This works out to just about 8 cents a load – a definite savings overall!
What ways do you find to save a few cents here & there?



  1. You know I’ve seen many recipes myself and have wondered how they worked. We do a lot of laundry in our house and this savings would really add up!!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog, I’m following you back! I’m so excited because I had no idea what borax looked like or where to find it and you saved me! I’m hoping to make slime with my kids :) Have a wonderful week!

  3. I’m so wary of DIY cleaning products because – will it work as well? (I think that’s called a trust problem, oh no, maybe I should pray about that.) :)

    But I TOTALLY trust your recommendation – about to get my savings on! (And I second the comment above me – the picture is a huge help – hah!)

    Cheers! And thanks for sharing!

  4. I have to admit I’ve been waiting for this post ;) . And I got it just in time, didn’t go to the store this morning, so I’m off this afternoon.

    Any chances you’ve tried a dishwasher one? I’m leery for trying one of someone’s recipe’s I’ve never met :) .

  5. I made this detergent too, and it’s been great! The only problem is that I have a High Efficiency washer, and I have to just dump it in the body of the machine so it doesn’t get mixed through the clothes as well. but it’s been great otherwise!

  6. This is awesome!! I am looking for ways to save and wondered about things like this! I look forward to trying it!!

    Thanks again for linking up with me!!

  7. oh and I pinned this :)

  8. I make my own detergent and softener, have since September last year. It has saved us a lot of money. The best part is it is super easy. You just need to stay on top of keeping it made.

  9. Natassia, I had my doubts but just jumped in and made it. I LOVE it… will never buy detergent again.

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