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Welcome to the Work Site: Day 4 {#ZambiaLove2014}

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Day 4 comes and it’s daylight, so we can finally get a sense of what’s around us! Right near our home was this school run by a Korean couple. They take children from the village (right now starting in 1st grade) and offer them education at a highly discounted rate while providing for basic needs. They also provide a well with access to water for the villagers.



Around the village, we saw what appeared to be garbage holes. Dug out portions of the ground, with just little pieces of garbage left inside. We wondered more about why the holes were there than anything else.


And then we saw this right next to it and quickly realized this is where they created some bricks for building! It was amazing how they formed the blocks out of the earth just like so.


Our living quarters – this is generally how a mortgaged house by habitat looks and our house, although not yet running with electricity, was wired for it. Simple structure with locking windows and doors, three rooms large, with a latrine in the backyard. This homeowner also had a beautiful garden in the back.


When we arrived at the work site for our first full day of work on Tuesday, we were split into two teams and greeted by two work sites (two homes) near one another in generally the same starter phase. Each basic rectangular structure, would have three rooms, locking doors and windows and a tin roof slanted to allow for rain run-off. Made from concrete blocks and mixed mortar, the structures were simple and each wall would go up about 13 rows high of bricks. We had a lot of work ahead of us! Each home had 6 Habitat members from our team, two masons from the community and overseers (Hi, Checka & Jedo!). And luckily, since the rainy season had started, the weather was overcast and not too warm…


Meet “Dora” – my Zambian son. More on him later, but know that he has a special place in my heart forever. One of the most beautiful blessings to my life thus far. He holds the keys. Is he just not the most precious thing EVER?! And I’m pretty sure my boys own that shirt…so he fits right in! If I honestly could have brought him home in my suitcase, I would have.




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The Case for Santa

Disclaimer: I realize that not everyone’s Santa story is the same, but wanted to share my own experience since it was so beloved.

Throughout the years, the discussion of Santa has elicited its fair share of controversy. From traumatization to lying to deception to the real meaning of Christmas to the fun of it to stockings, candy and Christmas morning, Santa Claus seems to have been put through the proverbial ringer.

photo 5-2

Perhaps I should start at the beginning. Twas the Night Before Christmas…and my childhood encapsulates vivid memories of the man in red. In addition to our annual visits to see Santa Claus at our local mall, my dad dressed up as Santa Claus for our family Christmas Eve celebrations. A tradition he has continued to share once Charlie was born in 2009. The jolly red cheeks, grandfatherly white hair and clanging jingle bells always spring about warm memories for me.

photo 4-5

The origin of Santa Claus can be debated from now until the end of time, but generally stems from St. Nicholas known in Dutch as Sinterklaas merged with the English gift-giver. St. Nicholas has a philanthropic background as a secret gift-giver and possible life rescuer.

And the vision of Santa I have now has been lived out by the man who plays him every year for Christmas. Self-sacrifice, giving, and loving. Growing up, I never confused my faith with a man who flopped down the chimney looking for cookies and leaving a Christmas trail behind. Each Christmas morning, the first gift we always opened (and still do) is the most Precious Gift of all and hangs out in our home’s nativity display.

When I realized Santa wasn’t real, I cannot pinpoint the day. I know it was an older relative who may have accidentally spilled the beans, but my memories of sacrifice and love and generosity haven’t changed just because the figure who sometimes represented those things may not be real. My memories are still fond and the Christmases I experienced and still do are filled with love, joy, family and His eternal gift.

So when it came time to carry on the Santa Claus tradition with our boys, I didn’t hesitate to share something so magical with them. The twinkling of their eyes as they hear his bell, the stories of his travels and the Christmas Spirit all throughout the season. And the more I reflect, the more I realize just what Santa Claus represents to me: innocence.

photo 1-7

I spy Santa Claus! Charlie waits VERY eagerly for Santa this year! He is absolutely ecstatic for him to arrive!

I remember living in a time period where everyone seemed to believe. And for a long time at that. Now, we have kids asking questions at such a young age (about many things in their little worlds) that I cannot begin to wrap my mind around. And my heart breaks because I see a world that no longer cherishes and protects such innocence, but exploits and damages it in the process. And for me, that has little to do with any lies about the man in Red and more to do with where we are in this world.

Charlie turns six in January and I am so keenly aware of his fleeting childhood. A reminder that I get him like this for such a short time and maybe that’s why I am so very protective of such a simple tradition. But to me, it signifies something so much more. If only we could all share in such faith as a child. If only we could take back that journey into the unknown world and protect our children for a little while longer.

So forgive me if I want to preserve that and cling for dear life to the last years of pure innocence that my babies will know because in the twinkling of an eye they will grow up and experience first-hand a world that isn’t always so loving and magical. And for me, the heartbreak  associated for some with the true discovery of Santa Claus has more to do with this world than it does with a childhood tradition gone awry.

Santa Comparison with Charlie

Charlie’s first and sixth Christmas.

If only we could all somehow go back to a time and belief in Santa Claus and the goodness he represents forever.


Lunchtime Retreat in Your Living Room {Courtesy of Campbell’s® Slow Kettle® soup}

 This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #LoveLunchIn #CollectiveBias

Throughout the year, we battle the “busies.” From school drop-offs to extracurricular activities and balancing the demands of work and home life, life seems to be in a constant state of fast-forward and the holidays only seem to exacerbate that sense of crazy. Each week, I try to set aside some time for a “Mom Time-Out” just to regroup, gather my thoughts and be mindful of how we’re spending our times. I usually love to sit near the Christmas tree and just reflect on the season, while enjoying Campbell’s® Slow Kettle® soup for a delicious, restaurant-style taste without ever leaving the comfort of my own home. #LoveLunchIn #CollectiveBias

Since we already include Walmart in our weekly shopping trips, adding those bits of chef crafted and robust flavors from Campbell’s® Slow Kettle® soup is pretty simple. Look in the soup aisle and choose a variety that matches your mood our taste buds. I like my lunchtime to be a little spicy, so the Fiesta Lime Chicken Tortilla Soup with White Meat always makes my list. I also recommend the Creamy Broccoli Cheddar Bisque.

In-Store Photograph with Campbell's #LoveLunchIn #cbias #ad

Creating the perfect recipe for a lunchtime getaway requires just a little bit of effort, but the results are worth it. Preparation is key to maximizing the time during your lunchtime retreat so your mind isn’t racing with a thousand other things off of your to-do list.

1. Keep Little Hands & Minds Busy

 The first step is to get the little ones distracted – whether they are napping, playing with a new toy or a quick television program (might I recommend A Charlie Brown Christmas given the season?) Don’t forget a snack so little voices don’t come searching for mommy again too soon! The more pillows and cuddly blankets the better! Jack prefers building, so I set him up with everything he needed to build a wonderful LEGO village!

Keeping Kids Occupied #LoveLunchIn #cbias #ad

2. Prep Your Sitting Station

Choose a comfy part of the house. For me, I love reclining in our living room and watching the Christmas tree during this time of year. It allows me to reflect on the season, the beauty of the simple and the joy in each day. Pick your favorite spot and create the haven. Grab everything you may need to get away. Think fuzzy socks, comfy pants, a big blanket or even that magazine you’ve been dying to read. Feeling ambitious? Whip together a quick hair mask and envision yourself at the spa.

Enjoying my relaxing space thanks to Campbell's #LoveLunchIn #cbias #ad

3. Prep your Soup!

While Campbell’s® Slow Kettle® soup has always been microwave in separate bowls from the container, for best results we recommend heating on the stove. On the stovetop, heat gently over medium heat in saucepan, stirring occasionally. If using the microwave at work, on-the-go or a quicker solution at home, microwave ovens vary. Time is approximate. Uneven microwave heating may cause popping, movement of the container and/or splattering. Discard plastic cap; carefully remove and discard metal lid. Cover with microwavable plastic wrap. Microwave on HIGH 2 minutes. Let stand in microwave 1 minute. Carefully remove from microwave, grasping container on both sides with potholders. Stir before serving.

Soup Preparation #LoveLunchIn #cbias #ad

Once you have your soup heated, top with appropriate ingredients. For the Fiesta Lime Chicken Tortilla soup, I added Mexican cheese, sour cream and tortilla chips as a garnish and to oomph it up a bit. Consider serving with fresh bread, a quesadilla or half-sandwich for an even more-filling lunch.

Toppings for Fiesta Chicken Lime Tortilla Soup #LoveLunchIn #cbias #shop

4. Enjoy by the light of your Christmas tree! (Or any other convenient space)

I enjoyed my soup cozied up in my favorite blanket and relaxing on a recliner. Once I was finished, made a cup of peppermint hot cocoa and added extra marshmallows and a candy cane because little hands weren’t around, begging me to share!

Lunchtime Retreat with Campbell's #LoveLunchIn #cbias #ad

Sweet Serenity with Campbell's #LoveLunchIn #cbias #ad

How do you find little retreats throughout the day? What would your Campbell’s break time include?


O.M.LG! Sweepstakes from hhgregg {TVs! $30,000 in prizes! AHHHHH!}

hhgregg and I have a rockin’ partnership, but all opinions expressed are my own and mine alone. 

HHG_OMLG Sweepstakes_Facebook

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Each drawing will have three winners to receive one of the following prizes:

One 55” 3D Curved OLED Smart HDTV ($3,499.99 each)
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Participants can enter up to 4 times in one of the following ways: head to the site on desktop, on their mobile device using the same link, on our Facebook page at or by sharing our “Looking For Gifts” video on the entry form.

Enter “TPG” on the entry form and our site will get a smidge of credit! Hope you’re ready for the mayhem!

We love hhgregg and can hardly wait for the excitement tomorrow! Are you ready??!? Stay tuned for our other hot hhgregg picks this week as we gear up for the final countdown into Christmas!



The #DroidTurbo Captures Memories #VZWBuzz #MoreChicago #ad

As a Verizon #MoreChicago Lifestyle Blogger I’m a member of a pretty cool
team of influencers. I have received a Motorola Droid Turbo (with a line
of service) from Verizon. No additional compensation was provided nor did
I promise positive feedback. All opinions are my own.

You may remember how our love affair with the Droid Turbo started last month. While I was traipsing around Africa, my hubby had the chance to take the phone for a spin, including an Instagram tour around Chicago, and quickly fell in love with our newest baby. He even has gone so far as to plead with his eyes that I let him have it once HIS contract is up, so he can make the big switch! We’ll see about that…

photo 2-7

We have the best city. Picture taken by the best phone. And best husband. Ever.

One of my favorite parts of this phone is that it’s so simple to use, I take it everywhere! The quality is amazing and my hubby even dropped it OFF OF THE COUNTER (heart attack much). The phone didn’t budge thanks to new premium ballistic nylon that offers texture but remains lightweight and feels great in your hands also offering great durability. Not to mention a layer of Kevlar® fiber with a smooth reflective finish. Think little hands, big hands, and your phone is still in good hands regardless thanks to Motorola!

Time to catch you up on some memories in the past few weeks through the lens of our #DroidTurbo!


Perfect for picture taking with friends. I had to learn where to look since it was a newer phone to me. We finally figured it out.

photo 3-5

Perfect for capturing our little star of the show – no matter where we sat, the zoom enabled us to take stellar pictures of our little rising star.

photo 4-4

Even captured the personality of this little wisecrackin’ wiseman

photo 5

Breathtaking, huh? Captured the beautiful essence of a winter/fall sky #nofilter #forreal #DroidTurbo #ftw (and way too many hashtags. Ha!)

photo 1-5

Newest Pentatonix album downloaded onto the phone for superior listening quality and connecting with the Bluetooth in my car? Check.

photo 2-6

Even uploading videos to my YouTube channel is a snap! Charlie was up there in no time!

Without further ado, our star! (And the star of this post – the phone! The video quality, even after upload, is AMAZING!) Enjoy!

What family memories would you hope your phone captured beautifully?


Comfort & Joy: Tips for Painless Holiday Hostessing

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Charmin. I received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Each year, we begin the holiday season and it seems as though we are already behind. We make the requisite holiday preparations and start to lay out the directions. From the whimsical, such as a nutcracker collection, to the bright lights that entice family members of all ages, we always seem to pay attention to details when it comes to holiday preparations and hosting.


We are in the midst of holiday preparations at our home and thought we could share some of our favorite ways to keep your sanity during the holidays.

1. Don’t run out of good food.

Whether you order it via catering or hang onto family recipes, make sure your food is ready to WOW! We love to spend time creating desserts our families will love and even host an annual Progressive Dinner to share our time with those we love.

2. Make sure your guests have the appropriate {ahem}amenities

A well-stocked bathroom should be one of your biggest concerns. Clean towels? Check. Sweet-smelling soap or lotion? Check. A candle for an extra special scent? Check. Plenty of toilet paper? Check! Thanks to Charmin  - you can ensure that even a guest’s bathroom experience feels welcoming. Even better, when you use Charmin, you can ensure that your plumbing will stay clog-free, especially during those busy times! Charmin has Roto-Rooter’s stamp of approval as clog-free and septic-safe and is used by plumbers more than any other brand!


For more than 70 years, Charmin has been trusted in millions of homes. Keep those special bums in ship-shape when you ensure that your bathroom is properly equipped! We recommend the Ultra Soft variety and always make sure we keep plenty in stock! (In ALL of our bathrooms!)


3. Don’t be a Christmas grinch! You don’t want to end up on the naughty list!

Once you’ve made sure you have enough food and your bathroom is stocked, breathe a bit! You don’t want to be labeled a Christmas grinch and the best way to avoid it is to take some time for YOU! Whether you head out for a holiday mani-pedi or just sip on a special holiday nog, make sure you keep your chin up! It’s easy to get bogged down by the stress of the holidays, but take time for you and reflect! You might even consider spending some time in your new well stocked throne room.


What are your favorite ways to prepare for the holidays? Do you have any special family recipes that you love to make?


“Take One Little Step Out of Your Immediate Circle” {$100 VISA Giveaway!}

 Thank you to Medtronic for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to give back to my community! 

Want to change the lives of those in your community? Check out the $100 VISA giveaway below!

This year, our family has truly tried to step out of our circle and give back to the community around us. About a month ago, I headed off to Zambia, Africa with Habitat for Humanity. After a week of living like the villagers of Chipulusuku, my life was changed and I truly believe my heart for Africa grew. I could literally see how my heart was and is still there. #BakkenInvitation #LiveOnGiveOn


It’s amazing how world travel can open your eyes to those truly around you and the love that your heart can have for this close to you. It’s amazing just how touched I was by the lives of these darlings.What would you do if you had more than enough to give?


The Bakken Invitation celebrates and connects people who, with the help of medical technology, have overcome health challenges and are making a difference in their communities. These stories inspire us to start giving back to our communities. We don’t need to face a life-altering moment to start giving back. There are little ways we can each give back and make a difference, starting today.

For example, this year, a group of women from our church found a family in need, received their wish list and delivered ten-fold to them what they required for this upcoming holiday season. I was completely blown away by the willingness and grace of these women as we shopped til we dropped to truly “spoil” this family for Christmas. What an amazing sight to see how we could impact our own community with something as simple as gift-giving.

Christmas Giving!

I love when Joan Talkowsky, Tel Aviv Bakken Invitation Honoree, shares that we should try to step outside of our immediate circle. I think I’ve tried to do that this year and am so blessed to see how others are doing the same thing.


What would you do in your community with $100? Share in the comments below (limit one comment per entry) and we’ll choose a winner on at 12:00 p.m. CST on  December 30, 2014 to start the New Year right!


Fostering Early Reading Love with Rosetta Stone Kids! #RSKids

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central  for Rosetta Stone. I received a product and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

From the time the boys were in the womb, we read and shared stories with them. Once here, daddy created a nightly ritual of bedtime stories that now includes Charlie occasionally reading and leading the way! They LOVE books (and we have no shortage of them!) But as much as Charlie loves the written word, he’s also taken on an affinity for learning on the computer. Once we learned we had the opportunity to give the Rosetta Stone Kids Reading Program a whirl, I knew he would love it!

Rosetta Stone Kids Reading #RSKids #IC #ad

Each day, we have Charlie finish his homework and then work on a little bit of other schoolwork – sometimes by us or through a computer program. Giving him a jumpstart on education by using Rosetta is a great way to vary what he uses for learning and keeps him interested. If you head over to their program now, you can see a free demo download for that now! The program is designed to help children between the ages of 3 and 7 and with more than 47% of U.S. children below grade-level reading, this system can provide some much needed assistance in that regard!

Charlie LOVES reading and part of what I love about this program is that I can customize his level depending on how he’s progressing and if I think he needs work in certain areas. By maintaining some level of control in that regard, I feel like I have a bit more access to what he’s learning, when he’s learning and what areas he may need help in.

Charlie’s favorite part was completing the activities and jumping around the different maps. I loved that it was a game-type feel while also being a learning activity at the same time. That dual purpose gets an A+ in my house! Rosetta makes things simple to set up and follow and I feel comfortable letting Charlie playing at increments throughout the week. He even loves it so much that it’s seen as a reward for good behavior or helping around the house, thereby serving an additional purpose in our home!

Rosetta Kids Reading Program Map #RSKids #IC #sponsored

Charlie’s on his way to be a rising star and Rosetta is just one of the ways that’s helping him achieve his dreams!

photo 3-5

How do you make reading a priority in your home? Do you feel like your children would benefit from using the Rosetta Stone Kids Reading program?



Make Christmas Out of this World with Guardians of the Galaxy!

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #OwnTheGalaxy #CollectiveBias

With two boys, we often take trips out of this world during the course of our week. From trips to outer space, orbiting around life’s galaxy or finding new ways to spy the moon, we love exploration! Even better, throw in some superheroes and now you’ve rocketed into mom stardom! The Blu-Ray/DVD/HD release of Guardians of the Galaxy on December 9th (TOMORROW) has us star-gazing and wondering how we can defeat the world’s intergalactic evil. In preparation, I’m setting the boys up for a great Christmas traveling with their favorites – Groot, Drax and Rocket Raccoon!

Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Treasure Hunt #OwntheGalaxy #shop #cbias

One of the first steps to creating an amazing adventure is heading out to Walmart  and looking for the in-store stackable display for all things Guardians of the GalaxyWhile the DVD won’t be available until December 9th, there are still plenty of great options to make this Christmas one of the best yet. Make sure to even out the toy gift-giving – you wouldn’t want to start an epic space battle!

#OwntheGalaxy in Walmart store display #cbias #ad

I picked up the Milano Starship (which includes lights and battle sounds) + shooting missiles means it is right up our alley! While the Starship already includes Star-Lord (oh, hello, Chris Pratt), I picked up another set of the small characters so they could each have their own. Add in Gamora and some battle gear and they are gearing up for a big fight! We can’t forget Groot or Rocket Raccoon, so add them in there and you have almost the entire team assembled!

The movie’s big release has set plans into motion for a space adventure on Christmas morning – A Guardians of the Galaxy Treasure Hunt! The rules are simple and can be modified based on whatever you have in your own house. Make sure you require those little astronauts to do every step! Lead them on a wild orbit around the house and through the Christmas fare, ending with the Guardians of the Galaxy gear that you picked up. In our case, the coveted Milano Starship.

Step 1. Start at the Christmas tree. Star-Lord awaits the troopers and gives the first command. 

Blast Off into Christmas with Guardians of the Galaxy #OwntheGalaxy #CollectiveBias #ad

Step 2. Gamora has you seeing green. Find the next clue in the room YOU keep clean (their bedroom. Hopefully, it’s clean). 

Star-Lord into Action! #OwntheGalaxy #cbias #shop

Step 3. The Nova Corps Officer keeps things in order. Find him downstairs where mommy is a hoarder (this might need some help from daddy). 

Gamora goes Green! #OwntheGalaxy #ad #CollectiveBias

Step 4. Rocket Raccoon keeps you connected with the furry bunch. Head to the place where mommy gets your lunch. 

The Nova Officer #OwntheGalaxy #cbias #ad

Step 5. Surprise! Don’t forget this is an outer space race. Groot awaits you in the place you wash your face!

Rocket Raccoon into Outer Space #OwntheGalaxy #ad #cbias

Step 6. The treasure is almost yours. Hold on tight! You just might find a special prize under the living room light.

Groot gets Clean! #OwntheGalaxy #cbias #ad

Surprise! You win!

Scavenger Hunt Finale #OwntheGalaxy #CollectiveBias #ad

Watch as they tear the wrapped gift to shreds and play with their new characters and toys in sheer madness! Wrap up the Blu-Ray/DVD/HD for your husband (who’s really a boy at heart) and watch to your heart’s content Christmas morning while the boys play.

Have Disney Infinity Game Lovers? Walmart will give you a $5 gift card if you buy any of the Guardians of the Galaxy figures: Groot, Drax, or Rocket Raccoon! From 12/7 – 12/13, when you buy one of these Disney Infinity 2.0 figures, receive a $5 Walmart gift card instantly! Sounds like the perfect Christmas gift to put money BACK into your pocket! I would have picked these up for my boys, but received secret knowledge that someone else in our family has already checked those of the boys’ Christmas lists. You could also end your space adventure at your video game system if the characters are your big hurrah!

Don’t forget to head back to pick up the Blu-Ray/DVD/HD of Guardians of the Galaxy when it becomes available in Walmart stores. It includes an exclusive character O-sleeve, exclusive music zinepack and a 64 page magazine with cast and crew interviews, exclusive behind-the-scenes photos and trivia PLUS a custom “cassette” laptop decal. I can’t wait to pick ours up tomorrow since I pre-ordered at my local store! Add in the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack as a stocking stuffer and you’re all set!