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Christmas Wish List 2014: Volume 1

Happy almost September!

With the weather taking a slight turn here and there and kids headed back to school, I thought of no better time to feature the boys first volume of their Christmas list. When we visited Nashville recently, we stopped at the Disney store and stayed FOREVER. They wanted me to take pictures of some of their favorites, so without further ado.

Christmas Wish List 2014

Marvel Build a Figure Collection: Constrictor



Planes Figure Play Set (And ANY of the Planes – these were a HUGE hit!)


Rapunzel & Flynn Rider Classic Dolls (They are HUGELY excited about these for some reason – me too!)


Suggestions for YOUR Wish List

Each time I feature what the boys are hoping to add to their list, I’ll put a few of our favorite suggestions down here so you can find some of your own! Sometimes, they will be products we received for review, like below, and some will also be what we know the boys already love!

Books, Reading & Parragon Books!


Live, Imagine Draw – Retails $10.99

Live, Imagine, Draw is a beautifully designed inspirational sketchbook packed full of ideas of things to draw accompanied by custom-made illustrations; all designed to boost creative thinking.  This book contains artistic quotes to get you thinking and blank pages for your own ideas and free drawing, let them start you off and see where they take you. You’ll never be stuck for ideas again! Express and boost your imagination, creativity, and personal style with this great selection of ideas of things to draw, doodle, sketch, shade, color, or scribble.

Dino SuperSaurus Build and Play – Retails $12.99

Kaboom! T-rex and the evil Sinistaurs are on a mission to destroy New Dino City…again! Get busy building your heroic 3D Supersaurs and help them save the day! Charge your dinos up with superpower add-ons. Your activity book has simple step-by-step instructions and is packed with awesome activities, supercharged scribbling and cool coloring. So get ready to take on the evil Sinistaurs and save New Dino City!

The boys had an amazing afternoon creating, building and drawing. These are some of their favorites now and I love the idea of books coming to life. Charlie LOVED the art book and I would definitely recommend this for up and coming artists where each page gives them a prompt and they start to create! And Jack LOVED played with the dinosaur creatures that “fought” with each other constantly. Oh boys!

Parragon Books - August

For even more great finds from Parragon Books:

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I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for #JenisNASH Ice Cream!

This past weekend, we headed down south to visit some friends that had recently moved to Nashville. This last of summer family vacation was simple – relax and find DELICIOUS eats! One of our very first stops was Jeni’s East Nashville. Upon further discovery, we also found out that there is a Jeni’s Southport in Chicago and now I have officially made it my mission to visit there ASAP.


The quaint shop is reminiscent of a backyard feel complete with strung lighting. Chalkboard menus explain the options clearly and be sure to ask for flavor samples! (Hint: They will give you a spoonful of each if you’re nice!)


Unique flavors like Sweet Corn & Black Raspberries mean the combinations are endless.


Might I suggest the the Dark Chocolate paired with The Buckeye State in a delicious waffle cone? HELLO, AWESOME.

If you feel particularly adventurous, try the Orchid Vanilla Ice Cream sandwich. Perfect purpleness and sweet black currant jam. If you say please, they just might add sprinkles!


If one of the scoop shops isn’t near you, I suggest you stop what you’re doing and order online. Like yesterday.

I received zilch to say any of these nice things. In fact, we had a stellar time all around and this was one of our favorite highlights. For real, get to a Jeni’s immediately!

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Best Dishwasher Detergent on the Road!

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My husband and I successfully stayed married for almost nine years without the assistance of a dishwasher. Some people thought we were crazy, most insisted that it was a necessary. When we added kids to the mix, we still washed dishes by hand and although occasionally inconvenient, for the most part, we could keep up. We thought little of a clean dishwasher and even less of the type of dishwasher detergent we would need instead settling for a little elbow grease and traditional sponges. Last year, however, we moved into a larger house that came equipped with a dishwasher and boy, were our lives changed. More frequent family and friend get-togethers means we spend more time prepping in the kitchen, but would rather spend time with our guests than hand-washing all of our dishes. #SparklySavings #CollectiveBias

See how Finish Dishwasher Detergent Stacks Up #SparklySavings #cbias #shop

So when we made the transition, we knew we had to find something we would love that would stand up to the meticulous washing done by my previous dishwasher (Jim, my husband). A quick trip to Walmart in the cleaning section and we came across a variety of products by Finish.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Finish dishwasher cleaner in stores #SparklySavings #cbias #shop

1. Quantum™ Power & Free™ – this detergent tackles tough stains and built-on food all while using less harsh chemicals. Walmart also currently has the Finish Quantum™ Power & Free™ on Rollback which means that once paired with this coupon you have even bigger savings!

2. Finish® Power Up™ All in 1 Detergent Booster – Finish formula that works with your detergent to boost dishwashing, such as spots and tough stains

3. Finish® Dishwasher Cleaner – assists in cleaning your dishwasher to keep it running smoothly all month long

Forget washing by hand - use Finish dishwasher detergent #SparklySavings #cbias #shop

Finish Quantum™ Power & Free™ is simple to use once your dishwasher is loaded. 

Home Kitchen #SparklySavings #cbias #shop

Simply place the pod into the detergent well. I prefer this form over the powder and the liquid as it is compact and significantly less messy.

Dishwasher Loading #SparklySavings #cbias #shop

One of the most frustrating parts of our old dishwashing routine was whenever our glasses would have a significant amount of smudges and never really seemed clean or clear.

Smudges on the Glass #SparklySavings #cbias #shop

After using Finish, we could see right through to our littlest Mister – a huge benefit from making the big switch.

#SparklySavings you can count on! #cbias #shop

Shortly after picking these up, we headed out on vacation to visit our friends in Nashville and I tucked away a few into our suitcase. Knowing that we would be staying with them and with five little boys total, I knew we would be using the dishwasher a lot! On your next family travels, consider bringing along some tabs of Finish dishwasher detergent to share or use to help add a little sparkle to someone’s day!

Have Finish, Will Travel #SparklySavings #cbias #shop

We made our way down to the home of country music, heat and boots!

Bringing clean dishes to Nashville, Tennessee #SparklySavings #cbias #shop

Second dinner in and the old powder wasn’t proving to do the trick, so I shared the sampler tablet I picked up and left the other with the family as well. A full loaded dishwasher with dirty dishes came out sparkling just a short time later and our hostess shared how it really did a great job on her dishes!

Share the best dishwasher detergent with a friend #SparklySavings #cbias #shop

And surprise! The sampler packet came with a handy coupon for future purchase.

Coupon #SparklySavings from Finish #cbias #shop

 Consider putting together some dishwasher cleaner and dishwasher detergent as a cute little hostess gift the next time someone invites you over! How can you share a little sparkle with someone you know?


Fun Snacks and Throwbacks: Reminiscing about more Fashionable Days

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My husband and I recently celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary and will be sending our firstborn off to kindergarten this fall. Our baby will also be headed off to preschool and these momentous life occasions have us wistful for years past. Our boys have taken an interest in family photographs and I love spending time with them, sharing old pictures of myself and munching on some fun snacks while we reminisce. This family time would also be perfect to share over after school snacks as your kids head back to school this fall. #AfterSchoolSnacks #CollectiveBias

Reminscing over #AfterSchoolSnacks #cbias #shop

To leave plenty of time for family memories and throwback celebrations, make sure to have snacks that are handy and simple to put together. We also love variety in this house, so on any given night you can see us enjoying a tacos and munching on pizza. Heinz Bagel Bites and Delimex taquitos make pleasing our family’s palates simple, while minimizing prep time. Our local Walmart clearly thinks they belong together since we found them hanging out in the freezer section just waiting to be picked up.

In-Store Walmart Shot of Bagel Bites and Delimex #AfterSchoolSnacks #cbias #shop
My throwback day with the boys was filled with pepperoni pizza bagel bites, taquitos and plenty of embarrassing photographs of myself. Consider having an afternoon of kid’s snacks and throwbacks. If your kids are older, have them pop the snack food into the microwave while you pull out the photographs. You thought you came here just for the snack ideas, but I’ll also be highlighting epic fashion tips to keep your kids in style for class pictures.

#AfterSchoolSnacks and Reminiscing #cbias #shop

1. Yarn Bows, Pilgrim Collars & Plaid

Kid's Snacks Throwback #AfterSchoolSnacks #cbias #shop

Remember when those were a thing? Make that happen again. Easily coordinates with any outfit and gives the finishing touch to the perfect hair waves. Also, large white collars are making a comeback, so I’ve heard. Make plaid a thing. If you don’t, you will regret it. I do, however, recommend keeping your eyes open for school pictures.

2. Bright, Bold, Colorful

Bright and Colorful Accessories #AfterSchoolSnacks

Don’t shy away from patterns or bright colors. Everyone loves a good heart print along with a primary colors beaded necklace.  For the hair, think a ponytail and then braids. The crimped style that results when you take them out will help you win at all the things.

3. Plaid {again} and Poofy

Throwback & Reminscing #AfterSchoolSnacks #cbias #shop

In the case of your hair, go big or go home. Big curls, flapped up bangs and a smile to boot and you’re ready to tackle the school year ahead. Bonus points if you’ve managed to subtly include plaid in your ensemble as well.

4. School Sports Photography

Sports Playing Years #AfterSchoolSnacks #cbias #shop These types of photographs are a whole different animal. Make sure the sneakers stay extra white and hair is pulled back just so. Pose as naturally as you can with the sports equipment and say cheese! (Did someone say cheese? Now’s the the time to sprinkle a bit of extra cheese on your bagel bites. Trust me, you’ll thank me. In fact, Bagel Bites are made with real cheese and homemade sauce with 0g trans fat).

5. Just Say Cheese!

#Throwback Photographs #AfterSchoolSnacks

Your best accessory is a smile. Make sure to practice in the mirror before the big picture day. Whether you’re hair is crimped, getting long, growing out bangs or rejecting an old perm, most things can be combed over with a big grin! The boys had a great time looking through my old school pictures and at times, even questioned if they were all of me. Our easy to make snacks were the perfect addition to the afternoon.  I think I’ve picked up enough fashion tips through the years to prepare for the boys’ picture days in the years to come. For even more great recipes, check out the Bagel Bites website.

After School Snacks while looking at Throwbacks #PlatinumPoints #cbias #shop

Now for a little Charlie throwback.


What are your best tips for making this year’s school pictures the most photogenic yet?


Quick and Easy Make-Up Tips for Mom

Mothers, especially ones with newborns, can find it challenging to make time for themselves. Between feeding time and changing diapers, there’s simply never enough time for you. However, this does not mean that you have to neglect being fashionable and beautiful. There are quick and easy ways you can get rid of the darkness under the eyes or prepare for a night out without having to spend so much time doing your makeup.

Quick and Easy Make-Up Tips for Mom

Here are quick and easy make up tips for mothers like you:

  • Take Care Of Your Skin – With sleepless nights because of your new baby, your skin is more prone to breakouts. It is essential to take time to take care of your skin to avoid oil build-up and clogged pores. Wash your face in the morning and before going to bed. Moisturizing is essential, too! This prepares your face for makeup if ever you have an event to attend. And speaking of makeup, it is best to use cruelty free makeup that is gentle on your skin.
  • Choose Double Duty Makeup – Since you are pressed for time and you are scurrying around to get prepared in between checking your baby, it is best to use double duty makeup. Invest in a tinted moisturizer with an SPF 15 or higher. By doing this, you will save more time by applying one product instead of having to apply three. With double or triple duty makeup, you’ll get your face prepped in a jiffy!
  • Long Lasting Makeup – When purchasing new makeup, go for ones that are long lasting. This goes for lipstick, mascara, and other beauty products. This way, you won’t have to spend time re-applying your makeup throughout the day. Once you’ve put on makeup in the morning, you can expect it to still be intact by nighttime. This is great if you’re going out with your children in tow.
  • No To Dark Eyes – As mothers, we often spend sleepless nights while taking care of our little ones. This results in dark bags under the eyes, which can make us look gaunt and tired. Use concealer to get rid of the dark circles under the eyes. It will also help to use eye drops in the morning to refresh the eyes. If your eyes are looking a bit sleepy, make them look bigger by applying eyeliner and mascara.
  • Add Color To Your Face – Get rid of that ghostly look and give your face a warm glow by using a light blush or bronzer. Lightly dust your cheek with the color of your choice. You will immediately see the difference once you’re finished doing your makeup. A little bit of color can always do wonders to your face. This goes for the lips as well.

Remember that you don’t have to sacrifice your look even if you have a new baby keeping you up all night. Looking good doesn’t always mean hours of makeup. With these quick and easy makeup tips, you are sure to have that healthy glow! You will be ready for a night out with your friends or with your husband.


Traveling with a Pet – Everything You Need To Know

Traveling with your best furry buddy can be really fun, but you should first be aware of the risks. Pets can be like children in cars—jumping around, sticking their heads out the windows, asking you every now and then “are we there yet?” except for pets it’s more of a constant lick on the side of your face or scratching at the back of your seat. Having pets in cars can be a distraction and therefore a danger to both you and your pet—they can seriously injure themselves when you brake suddenly. And for pets not used to being in cars, riding can become a stressful experience.

Traveling with a Pet - The Peanuts Gang

If you are traveling with your pet, you can take a few simple precautions that will enable you to have a happy, safe, and comfortable journey around the UK. Rule 57 of the Highway Code provides pet owners with advice on different ways of restraining dogs and other animals in vehicles. This includes harnesses, dog cages, and pet carriers. Apart from properly restraining your pet in the car, here are a few other tips you can do to make your travel a pet- and driver-friendly one.

Safety is Key

Proper restraint not only keeps pets safe; it can also help you focus on the road. You should invest in a good, comfortable safety harness or travel kennel to keep your dog or cat safe and snug while riding. Some cars would have ample space at the back for a pet carrier; for smaller cars, there are pet seats that work like child seats. There are also harnesses for bigger dogs available from many pet supply shops. Weeks before going on a long trip, you can go on shorter trips with your pet to try the harness or carrier so that your pet can become accustomed with using it. An additional accessory you can get is a car window guard that allows you to roll your windows down without the risk of your pet jumping out of the car or even sticking his head out, which could cause injury.

Get a Pet Tag

Your pet may havealready been micro-chipped; take additional precautions and attach and ID tag to his collar containing your contact information and where you’ll be staying for your trip. Pets suddenly running off at pit stops is a common scenario.

Look for Pet-Friendly Accommodations

Check if the inn or hotel you’ll be spending the night in allows pets to go with you. Their policies in this regard may differ, so it’s ideal to ask beforehand before you make your reservations.

Pack for Your Pet

On the road, it may be impossible to get proper pet food, so make sure you pack an ample supply. Bring along favourite toys as well to keep him entertained and make him feel at home. Don’t forget to bring food and water bowls, bedding, a litter box for cats and fresh litter, disposable waste bags, vet records, water, and an extra harness and leash.

Take Breaks

Being kept in a kennel or tied down to the seat for long hours isn’t good for pets, so take frequent breaks to let them walk around, drink water, and go potty. Always make sure your pet is on a leash whenever you let him out of the car to prevent him from running off. Never leave your pet unattended in the car—temperatures can soar and can cause heatstroke.

Follow these tips and always think of your pets’ welfare when going on a trip. Prepare well and you’ll see that it will all be worth it once you and your pet reach your destination. Have a happy and pet-friendly trip ahead!


Goin’ Platinum with Miranda Lambert & Crystal Light

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One of the little known secrets about my husband is that he has a thing for country music. And Miranda Lambert. So when I found out that I would have the opportunity to attend the concert, my husband jumped at the chance FOR me before I could even hit send on my Facebook status seeing who might be interested in accompanying me. We planned our date night for the outdoor venue that we’ve grown up near. The Midwest Bank Amphitheatre offers both lawn and pavilion seating, so we knew the summer breezes would be warm wherever we sat. I headed to Walmart and picked up two closed bottles of water (one unopened bottle is allowed at our venue) and a few packets and liquid mix of Crystal Light beverage enhancers #PlatinumPoints #CollectiveBias

Walmart Closeup of Crystal Light #Platinum Points #cbias #shop

The Crystal Light additions can be found in the juice aisle near the powdered drink mixes and flavored water. As you can see, they were refilling the Crystal Light that seemed to be pretty popular!

1. Individual Powder Packets (These are the perfect ones for individual bottles of water)

2.. Liquid Drink Mix (These are the liquid bottles where you can add drops of flavor. I enjoy using different varieties to mix together!)

3. Large variety of powdered Crystal Light mixes (Making some for the whole family? Pick these up to create a few quarts of your favorite flavor!)

A Night Out with Miranda and Crystal Lights #PlatinumPoints #cbias #shop

We found our seats and settled in for the opening acts. I opted for an Iced Tea which reminded me of a southern comfort feel given the fact that we were surrounded by cowboy hats and boots of all shapes and sizes! The drinks were refreshing (and inexpensive) unlike what you typically find at concert venues like these. Crystal Light adds a ton of flavor without added calories and each serving ends up being 5 calories or less with over 20 refreshing flavors available.Our favorite flavors as a family cover a wide-range – we love the traditional lemonade, anything with pomegranate and the refreshing iced tea flavors. I loved the fact that we could really customize each drink based on our own preferences and security did not give us any problems about bringing the packets in which means that even if we opted to buy additional water inside, we would still get that customized flavor without the extra price tag.

Crowd view at Midwest Amphitheatre #PlatinumPoints #cbias #shop

On-the-Go Summer Concert Preparation #PlatinumPoints #cbias #shop

The concert was an absolute blast and for one of the songs, I was sure my hubby was singing the loudest! The Platinum Tour was simple with a little bit of pizzazz and perfectly enhanced in all the right places. She really let the music do the talking, complete with her own guitar playing.

Sing-along with Miranda #PlatinumPoints #cbias #shop

Much of what she did reminded me of Crystal Light – taking something simple and loved (water & music) and giving it a little extra oomph and something special to make it her own.

Platinum Tour with Miranda Lambert #PlatinumPoints #cbias #shop

Date Night with Miranda Lambert #PlatinumPoints #cbias #shop

Her own twist on Crystal Light was shown in her #Randarita video and recipe that had me itching to try it at our next family barbecue. Try it yourself!

Miranda Lambert & Randarita #PlatinumPoints #cbias #shop

Miranda Lambert LOVES her #Randarita Recipe #cbias #shop

The Many Faces of Miranda Lambert #PlatinumPoints #cbias #shop

How would you take one of the classic Crystal Light beverages and give it your own twist?


Mac & Cheese, Please! Chili’s® at Home

Thanks to Chili’s At Home for sponsoring today’s discussion.

As the school year is about to kick off, our schedules will soon kick into overdrive! Between teaching, work and school, quick meals are our best friend, especially when they are tasty! I seem to have a weakness for Chili’s, so when I heard that had a new series of meals that I could make quickly without sacrificing flavor I was all in!

I love the big, bold and tasty flavors of Chili’s® at Home and I picked up the Bacon Mac ‘N Cheese knowing that the boys would eat it up! The new family size is perfect for our crew and if they are especially hungry, consider adding chicken for additional flavor and protein. You can find the entrees in the frozen food section of your local grocer. Check back often for an expanding selection!


Part of me wishes they could figure out how to add in those addictive cheese fries. I would definitely be snatching those up!


This Mac ‘n Cheese is perfect, creamy, delicious with an excellent spicy kick from the poblano peppers without it being overpowering. What’s your favorite Chili’s entree that you hope to see on the frozen shelves?


Ways to Get your Preschooler Ready for School

When children make the leap from pre school to school it can be a stressful time for both them and their parents. Thankfully, there are a number of ways that you can get your child ready for the step up to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible for all concerned.

Ways to get your preschooler ready for school

Introduce them to technology

In the old days technology was regarded with rather a lot of suspicion. Television was said to turn your eyeballs square, while computer games were thought to make children reclusive and unsociable.  Now, however, technology, in the form of apps and computer programs, is embraced far more than ever before and can even be used to prepare your child for school. The best apps for toddlers are those that help young children to learn directly through play. Even just the act of playing a computer game is also thought to help children to learn and improve hand eye co-ordination.

You should monitor the time they spend using apps and computer game though as too much time using such tools could hamper their physical development. You can help to complement the time that they are training their intellect with physical activities. Doing so will not only help to ensure that they stay active it can help to improve their motor skills. Try playing games that help to develop co-ordination, such as catching a baseball or throwing a football at a target.

Teach basic skills

As a parent, one of your main stresses about your child’s impending jump up the educational ladder is likely to be that they may have difficulty with fitting in at school. At this stage in their life, your child may not share these concerns but you can be sure that will suffer in the future if this aspect of school does not go smoothly for them. Failure to fit in can be very distressing and frustrating for a child, which could manifest itself as extremely bad behaviour in the classroom.

You can help to ensure that they are able to make an untroubled transition by going through beforehand a few basic skills that they are likely to be introduced to at school. This will give them a head start at school, or at least ensure that their classmates do not leave them behind.

Make sure your child is able to hold a pen correctly and knows how to spell basic things, such as their name. It is also useful for a child to know how to dress themselves at this age, so you should teach them how to do up buttons and tie shoelaces.

Basic hygiene lessons should also be given before starting school – going to the toilet independently and washing hands thoroughly afterwards is a skill that is expected by school age, but often overlooked by parents.

Mental prep

A major change between pre school and school is the disparity in size between the two faculties. It is important that you prepare your child mentally for such changes. It is also a good idea to explain to your child how to deal with difficult and new situations that they may face at school. This can be a difficult dilemma, after all, you don’t want to scare them, but it is best that children start school with their wits about them.



Fueling Silliness with After School Food #MyGoodLife

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Our lives have shifted into overdrive and my two babies are off into the real world {sniff, sniff}. Charlie attends afternoon kindergarten and Jack is in preschool for the first time. These years seem to fly by and I find myself hoping to savor each and every moment with these little misters despite our busy schedule. One of my favorite times to connect with them is after school over a simple snack and drink. Thanks to HOT POCKETS® brand sandwiches and NESTLÉ® JUICY JUICE® 100% Fruit Juice, I can spend more time hearing about their day and making memories rather than trying to figure out what to make. #MyGoodLife #CollectiveBias

After School Fuel #MyGoodLife #cbias #shop

While school supply shopping at Walmart, I headed to the grocery section to make sure I stocked up on some of our favorites. The frozen section and the juice aisle keep the best after school snack secrets and we grabbed the pepperoni pizza version of HOT POCKETS® sandwiches. Make sure to stock up so on busy days  you have something to just grab and go!

Walmart carries your After School Fuel #MyGoodLife #cbias #shop

From the time our alarms go off in the morning, we are always on the go. Jack has school in the morning and then we shuttle Charlie to school in the afternoons. Once home from school, daddy is not usually home  for a few more hours and these little misters are usually starved by the time they finish out their day of learning. We head home after a long day of school, work and errands and having a snack around the table while we unwind from the busy day!  You can usually find the boys coloring and using their “art notebooks” to create something spectacular. While the boys put a few things away like their shoes, I put together their snack and juice to enjoy while we decompress from a busy day! Usually their stories involve Angry Birds and dinosaurs or adventures that they had outside at the pond by school, but I would not have it any other way.

Our afternoons consist of putting our backpacks away, finding a space for their finished papers and talking about our days.The boys chose their favorite kind of Hot Pocket (pepperoni pizza of course) and they surprisingly agreed to the same NESTLÉ® JUICY JUICE® flavor variety, so this mom’s life was made even simpler!  The less time I spend working away in the kitchen means the more time I get to spend with them! You can also usually find us running around outside burning off that extra energy! After school snacks help to keep them fueled for a time of fun and silliness!

Nestle Fuels After School #MyGoodLife #cbias #shop

Snack Time Made Simple #MyGoodLife #cbias #shop

Jackie plays outside #MyGoodLife #cbias #shop

Finding foods that the boys will eat can sometimes be a challenge, but the variety of flavors available for both HOT POCKETS® and NESTLÉ® JUICY JUICE® means that we are always sure to find a winner! (And who doesn’t love pizza in a portable version?) Less stress over meal time means I have more time to spend with the little guys who have stolen my heart.

Silly School Days! #MyGoodLife #cbias #shop

I know this time is fleeting so I want to soak in as much of it as possible. Busy schedules should always have wiggle room for family time, even if some days it’s only after school for a few hours. Get out and enjoy the sunshine while they still think you’re the coolest!

Busy active lives call for quick snacking! #MyGoodLife #cbias #shop

How do you fit in family time during the busy school year? Do you love to chat over snacks?